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What About Probiotics…

Confused about probiotics?

Value not Price:

There are many probiotic products on the market.  How do you know which one is the best for you?  And how do you know which one is the best value for your money?

If a product is expensive but doesn’t work, you’ve wasted a great deal of money.  If it is NOT expensive, you still wasted the money; just less of it.  But who wants to waste ANY money, even a small amount.

Obviously, the best product is one that really works. An ineffective product is a waste of money.  Don’t wast your hard-earned cash on a product back with nothing but empty promises; be sure you choose one that provides effective super strains with potency guaranteed through the printed expiration date and that is produced by a company recognised for its dedication to manufacturing only quality probiotics.  The company should also have special GMP (good manufacturing practice) certification on a variety of probiotic products. 

Not All Probiotics Are Created Equal:

We know there is a spectrum of capability with bad bacteria.  The same goes for the beneficial bacteria strains; some are slightly benficial, some are moderately beneficial and a few, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, NAS super-stran, are very powerful with gigantic benefits to us.

Strength of bacteria varies according to species and strain.  Look for product with a label that lists genus, species and strains, such as Lactobacillus bulgaricus, LB-51 super strain.  You want a product that uses the most effective super strains available.

Different strains of bacteria are like different breeds of dogs.  Natren’s superstrains are the Rottweilers of your gastrointestinal (GI) tract. 

Make certain that manufacturers validate their produt claims of super strains and stability through an independent laboratory.

The Numbers Game:

It is important to get sufficient numbers of bacteria, but quality is important too.  If we return to our camparison of bacteria to dogs, let’s consider sled dogs.  How many chihuahuas does it take to pull a 100-pound sled? How many huskies can pull the same sled?  Whole cell bacteria that have not been broken or damaged due to mechanical processes, are the huskies of the bacteria world.  And these are that bactera that are in Natren Probiotics – the real workers!

Best Of Breed:

There is really less guesswork in buying the right probiotics than in choosing a good working dog.  For a guard dog or a sled dog to be a good value, it must have specifically been bred for the job it is inteded to perform.  With Natren’s super strains you know that your probiotics have been cultured for the specific jobs they are intended to do, and Natren’s ful-culture processing keeps these beneficial bacteria with their own supernatant (growth medium) to buffer against stomach acid, ensuring you receive the maximum benfits of the bacteris where they are needed.  And while nobody can guarantee the working life of even a healthy dog, Natren DOES guarantee the potency of each of it’s probiotic strains through a printed expiration date (not just the date of manufacture).

What About My Yoghurt?

To get your daily servings of probiotics, ou would need to cosnume 27 servings of probiotic yoghurt – or just one convenient capsule of  Natren’s Healthy Trinity.  Also, most supermarket yoghurt is filled with sugar, preservatives and all kinds of things that are not good for you.  Buy or make a high-quality yoghurt as a tasty, healthy food – but for the quantity of probiotic beneficial bacteria for great health, you need Natren Healthy Trinity.

Get Your Money’s Worth!

Only Natren probiotics meet the above criteria.  And as they manufacture the probiotics themselves, they can control and ensure that they meet the extremely high standards that they have set in this market place.

Natren has it’s own state-or-the-art manufacturing facility and uses its proprietary full-culture and freeze-drying processes that preserve and nourish the beneficial bacteria’s healthy colony-forming units.  Simply put, that means that Natren uses a special process that nobody else has, that keeps the bacteria healthy and thriving.

Natren’s probiotics are manufactured to the highest industry standards including a special GMP certification and a variety of probiotic products – Natren is top-notch – and can prove it!

It costs more to grow a super strain – but you get what you pay for.  What would you rather do, buy a cheap product that does nothing for you, or spend a little more and get something that really works and does what you need it to do!

Who uses Healthy Trinity?  Check this out. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-401668/The-20-years-pain-plagued-tennis-ace-John-Lloyd.html#ixzz1Sjf28qSq

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Natren Healthy Trinity Testimonials…

“I want to thank  your company so VERY much for all the benefits that I receive from taking Healthy Trinity every day.  It certainly keeps my digestive tract in a very harmonious state.  I have become a Natren flag-waving, never-to-be-without advocate” J.M.

“My husband has had a problem with occasional discomfort after eating, for years.  After using Healthy Trinity for a short time, he no longer has any discomfort which is of great relief to both of us.  I recommend this product to everyone.” R.M.

“I have been lactose intolerant for over 30 years and have tried lots of things but they never worked.  Then I tried Health Trinity and it has been fantastic for my whole system.  Now I eat and drink whatever I want with no side effects.  I drink one-half gallon of milk a week and get to enjoy my very favourite treat – great-tasting milkshakes!” F.C.

“I developed lactose intolerance as a middle-aged adult.  I tried possibly every product on the market and ultimately discovered Natren Healthy Trinity.  This product changed my life and my social life!  It is miraculous.  Over the years, I have suggested it to other friends who have thanked me profusely and also raved about their experience with this product.

I have used Healthy Trinity for a few years now and am extremely please with the reliability of the products, the customer service and dedication of the Natren company to produce and support a fine product.” H.G.

The 20 years of pain that plagued tennis ace John Lloyd
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-401668/The-20-years-pain-plagued-tennis-ace-John-Lloyd.html#ixzz1Sjf28qSq

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Probiotics – Life Start – Baby’s First Support…

A newborn baby needs the antibodies that a mothers milk provides in the first few days of life, however, there may be reasons why a new mother cannot breast-feed her new baby, but that does not mean that baby has to do without that boost. 

Natren Life Start is the ideal addition to babies bottle.  This dairy powder is full of Bifidobacteria (the good bacteria predominant in babies gut) and so can boost babies digestive process and give a boost to the immune system so valuable to baby in the early months of  life.

Life Start gives 1billion cfu of Bifidobacterium infantis per serving.

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